Competences and employment

Students will be able to apply for high-level PhD programmes and to pursue a career in academic or independent research centres, or to envisage a career as engineers and managers in the industrial research and development, in the fields of emerging technologies.

The growing job marked of companies and startups in Quantum Science and Technology is in strong need of highly qualified and trained scientists and engineers, to be recruited at the Master level or to pursue Ph.D. projects in the field. QUARMEN aims to answer this educational need.

Students will be able to solve any problem/question related to quantum information and devices for fundamental scientific and societal appications such as application to computing, information, health, security issues, to develop new ideas, and to transfer technologies to different fields. Furthermore, the students will acquire the necessary skills to collaborate with other scientists on the international scene. They will be able either to apply for a high-level PhD programme and to pursue a career in academia, or to envisage a career in the industrial research and development, in the fields of emerging technologies.

In addition to the core scientific training, the additional competencies and learning outcomes acquired with this master will be:

  • Knowledge of the topmost research facilities and industrial sites in the European Union and North America
  • Scientific methodology and integrityKnowledge of European culture and history in addition to English skills;
  • Knowledge in economy management, innovation and valorisation, risks and ethic, safety at work, European patent law, information and communication technologies (ICT);
  • Competencies in using a scientific approach to problem solving in fundamental research or for applications;
  • Ability to gather and organise relevant information and to critically scrutinize the result of one’s own work;
  • Skills in literature searching and writing reports and articles;
  • Entrepreneurial skills;
  • Ability to work in a group as well as autonomously;
  • Capacity to develop a professional project;
  • Communication skills for developing networks at an international level with academics and companies (SMEs, large companies);Critical thinking, creativity and risk-taking.
  • Critical thinking, creativity and risk-taking.